12 Meridian Reading

12 Meridian Chart

A meridian low impedance conduction measurement device is utilized to understand body 12 meridian up-down situation which is good for indicate each meridian's hot or cold, deficiency or over power, yin or yang condition.

It measure number 3 or 4 acupuncture point for each meridian's original point. For the yin meridian is number 3 point if counts from thefinger or the toe and the yang meridian is number 4 point.

Using this meridian chart to identify each one's body type and trace its progress; such as before and after treatment charts.
And can be easy to see whether one's body is like upper body hot and lower body cold situations.

Enclosed below I will show that before and after where the heart meridian enhance its energy diagrams.

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And we may also see a body of upper hot and lower body cold chart as follows: