Patient Case Studies

Shingles could be treated with the small fire needle, 0.18 in half inch, burning .05 second and insert quickly. Leave the needle for couple minutes. Since Shingles are cold Yin poison where heat could resolve it. This week I took care a patient using this method. 

Asthma could be calm down by letting go some blood of Feng Men(Blad meridian). It help out Mr. Liu today.


Patient wrote to his friend as follow:

I had no idea you went through this hell.

I can see that, despite the ordeal you're going through, you aim to stay in touch. That's a good sign!
Hopefully, it'll keep your mind off the pains, & focused on more mundane matters. 

Occasionally, when we go camping, I hear about somebody contracting E Coli - but never went beyond having to endure a bad case of diarrhea for 2 weeks, and/or take some antibiotics to fend it off.

The bug must have decided to take up residence by your kidneys & set the infection going.... Your case seems to be very rare.
It's been already 3+ years I've been under ACUPUNCTURE TREATMENT for my fibromyalgia.
Prostate problems have been diagnosed from the start - which was a hell of a concern to me because my friend (Horst Puschendorf, the German fellow I visited you with last time) recently underwent surgery for that.

Fortunately, I decided to stay away from regular doctors (they just wanted to give me Valium & steroids, & other garbage... I wanted NONE OF THAT.)
So, I decided to go with ACUPUNCTURE instead (I was a bit familiar with Chinese Medicine from the times I was 19-y-old & hurt my back in the sacro-lumbar area - finally, after going though many quacs, ACUPUNCTURE/Chiropraxis was the solution. After 4 sessions of it, I was brand-new!

At the Chinese Medicine University in Sunnyvale (a branch from the one in China; two towns distance from where I live), a few weeks after starting treatment, I came across Alec Tsai, who was making his final practices over there, to get his California Certification as ACUPUNCTURIST - the fellow knows a lot more than just acupuncture.

He had been a God sent to me. 
He took me under his wing - literally.

I put my trust in him. Not only I was treated for the fibromyalgia but for the general wellness of the body, focusing on the joints & other crucial areas. From the start, he told me it would take about 2 years of treatment, to be effective.

Very important: he tackled the prostate problem, inserting deep needles in my abdomen. After 4 sessions of it, I recovered. As simple as that! The fellow knows what he's doing!

The fibromyalgia is not cured (very few people are lucky enough to kill it) but the main symptoms are drastically diminished. I re-gained a lot of my strength & well-being. I can keep on my heavy travails with beekeeping & other tasks. [I'M A LOT MORE CAREFUL ABOUT WHAT I DO THESE DAYS, WEIGHING BEFORE-HAND HOW I SHOULD TACKLE MY TASKS.] Chronic Fatigue (a constant sideline of fibromyalgia) is still there, giving me plenty of signals when I cross the line & overwork myself.

I thought of sharing this with you.

Keep on pushing & get well.

Best regards to everybody in the family,
Ed.     😶   😝   😋    😮                                    

You are irreplaceable...